Yana Koshkina has told how starring in a sex scene

Яна Кошкина рассказала, как снимается в постельных сценах
Star doesn’t do nudity.

Photo: Instagram

Despite the fact that the image of the TV presenter and actress Yana Koshkina entirely built on her sexiness and big bust, it turned out that the girl has very strict principles. Especially in regard to sex scenes in a movie.

“Obviously, in my career I have often had to play sex scenes, told the star. — To him I refer solely as work and nothing more. I have a few conditions: I never shot no underwear (including Topless) — there are doubles. And never fall for your partner on stage. Well, of course, the sex scenes — it’s a complete imitation. Although I personally know actors who on the set did it for real! I don’t deny that maybe someday, some of these conditions can be violated! Thanks PAVA Derevyanko (pictured) for the fact that this year the shoot was a real pleasure!”

Meanwhile, the principles of Yana in the movie, did not prevent her to undress in the past year for a glossy men’s magazine. Although many fans and said that the photo shoot with her would be hot. But in this form of photography Koshkina approved… her father! He instead forbid her daughter film, on the contrary, fully supported it. From his point of view, the photos turned out quite artistic and have a right to exist.

“From my mother I no comments heard, and dad liked it very much. He said everything turned out very decent, not vulgar, and artistically. It is possible and with your clothes on take a picture so that it will look vulgar. And you can play in the Nude, but very, very aesthetically pleasing!” — assured cat’s.