Xenia Sobchak can devote a reality show

Ксении Собчак могут посвятить реалити-шоу Journalists argue that the leading works on the author’s autobiographical program. It is likely that the project of Xenia will be released in autumn next year. However, representatives of the TV channel has not yet confirmed information about the preparation of a new transmission Sobchak.

      In the Network appeared the information that the 34-year-old TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak is preparing to launch an authoring program. It is reported that celebrity plans to share with the fans details of his family life and is currently discussing the format of the new project. According to journalists, it could be a reality show and go on TV “Friday” in the next year.

      “The channel for a long time led the negotiations with Ksenia Anatolyevna about what to shoot next year, her autobiographical show. It will not be in the format of “Blonde in chocolate”, of course, and more Mature about married life. At the moment, developed format… I Hope that next fall will appear on the channel the new show with Sobchak”, – told to journalists a source in the channel.

      Recall that the premiere of “the Blonde in chocolate” took place on Muz-TV in October 2006. The program was named in honor of the eponymous film starring Paris Hilton, with which She constantly compared in the early stages of their career. Sobchak herself humorously refers to such arguments and considers the American girl “sister”. In one interview, the TV host admitted his resemblance to Hilton and was told that it calls Larissa. By the way, Paris and Xenia and I first met in 2008 at the MTV Russia Movie Awards.

      Show “the Blonde in chocolate” showed viewers the daily life of Ksenia Sobchak, composed of regular surveys, meetings with business partners and friends, social events and other interesting events. The program does not leave anyone indifferent and provoked intense discussion: while some admired the Xenia, the other fiercely envied her.

      It should be noted that the great popularity of such projects with the participation of celebrities like “Transaction” and “battle of the restaurants”, which was shown on “Friday.” In first gear she has tested the knowledge of visitors of shopping centers, and the second was judged by restaurateurs, evaluating your competition. It is therefore possible that in the Wake of the success of the speed channel decided to consider running the author program stars. However, the PR-Director of “Friday” has not yet confirmed this information Life.ru.