Вуди Аллен пригласил в новый фильм звезду «Титаника»

47th consecutive woody Allen film will be shot with the participation of Kate Winslet.

Traditionally, details of the project Allen says. We only know that while that picture is at the stage of developing ideas.

Note that this will be the first experience of cooperation of the Director with the star of “Titanic”.

Recall, the latest work of woody was the film “high life”, which was shown on the opening day of the Cannes film festival 2016.

Watch it in Russia will be at the close of the festival. The movie starts 21 July 2016.

In addition to an untitled project with Winslet, woody is preparing to make his first career series that will be broadcast on the streaming service Amazon. In the main roles will be represented by stars, which are hard to imagine – himself woody and super-outspoken Miley Cyrus.

Itself Winslet in the near future may take place, previously intended Rosamund pike (“gone girl”). Colleague Winslet will be Idris Elba. Incidentally, he also was the second contender for the lead role. Elbe adopted after the rejection of the filming of Charlie Hannema.

The plot of the film tells us about the surgeon’s bill Trace and writer Ashley, who soon must marry.

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