Father of Jeanne Friske wrote a letter to Respond to the Prosecutor’s office

Отец Жанны Фриске написал заявление на Русфонд в прокуратуру

Proceedings between parents who died a year ago of singer and actress Zhanna Friske and charity Rusfond Fund continues. The father of the actress Vladimir Kopylov insists that the daughter treated their own money, representatives of the same organization expect a report about the missing money from the accounts. Now dad Jeanne appealed to the Prosecutor – a man needs to bring to justice Foundation, which accuses him and his family all the deadly sins, but you can’t see the movement of the funds collected from all over the world for treatment Friske.

Vladimir Borisovich considers that the Fund is hiding basic information about their financial activities intentionally, and that he is obliged to report where he was directed or redirected funds.
“We were forced to turn to law enforcement authorities because the representatives of the Russian aid Fund have refused to provide us documents on the transfer of funds to the account of Joan, and also refused to show the contract, apparently signed herself. The President of a charitable organization, Leo Ambinder stated that it was not obliged to account for the transferred funds. He wrote to us in response to the letter: “with regard to the documents that you request, we do not believe it is possible to provide them as such obligation is no legislation”” the lawyer said Vladimir Borisovich.
The human rights activist believes that in the accounts of Jeanne could be the amount was much lower than that which was announced and it was for this reason that the organization was withholding information.
“It’s a charitable organization, in which everything should be transparent, but its representatives refused to account for the money spent, you want to hang the responsibility on the family” — the lawyer explained to appeal to the Prosecutor. The family of Jeanne requires to conduct a review to determine not only the authenticity of the signature of Jeanne (my Father is convinced that at the time of signing the contract his daughter has not been able to do that), but also to determine the amount of money and their movement.
Recall that earlier the media reported that the funds could only dispose of mother Jeanne Olga Petrovna. On October 8, 2014 at her expense it is 25 million rubles, and the dollar Deposit – more than 215 thousand dollars, to Deposit in Euro 173,6 thousand.
Two weeks before the death of Jeanne, according to the same sources, Olga withdrew all the remaining money from the accounts (about 20 million). Meanwhile, Vladimir Borisovich insists that Jeanne they were treated for their money and account had access, the civil husband of the singer and the father of her only child Dmitry Shepelev. Now the fate of 25 million rubles engaged in law enforcement.

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