Женщины Игоря Крутого поразили шикарными фигурами в купальниках The composer with his wife and daughters rest in Ibiza. Wife of Igor Krutoy shared image, which is known to the musician is depicted in the company of elegant ladies. All three divas have excellent shapes and are not shy to show it.

The famous composer Igor Krutoy lives in two countries. In Russia at the celebrity favorite work, and overseas, in the United States – family: wife, two daughters and a granddaughter. Despite the huge distance separating these people, they are really close and dedicated to each other all their free time. So, Igor Krutoy and his family always spend the summer holidays.

These days the composer and his favourite women – wife Olga and daughters Victoria and Alexandra, relax in Ibiza. Here the beautiful ladies have the opportunity to demonstrate how much they are slender and good. Wife of Igor Krutoy shared the picture, which the composer depicted surrounded by wife and daughters. All three beauties, the eldest of whom was 52 years and the youngest 14, boldly posing in swimsuit.

Followers of Olga Krutoy was delighted with this frame. They argue that three beautiful women in the photo are sisters and not mother and daughters. Showered with compliments fans of Igor Krutoy. It also holds its shape to match their ladies.

“So cool! All in great shape! Young, beautiful, happy and sporty! It is desirable to clarify three sisters?”, “What are all the wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful! Igor Yakovlevich young man, her God. Christ Be With You!”, “Such figures are all awesome! Maestro is in fine form, but his Muse is awesome”, “What beauties! As Sasha became like you! Lucky your dad in the garden for ever,” kindly responded to a picture in Instagram of Olga Cool her followers.

It should be noted that the wife of the famous composer not the first time that shows the figure in a swimsuit. Exactly a year ago on vacation Olga Cool, too, showed their form. So everyone has the opportunity to compare images taken within a few months and make sure that the waistline Olga’s still thin. 51-year-old wife of Igor Krutoy effectively posing in bikini

Loves to pose in a swimsuit and the eldest daughter of Igor Krutoy Victoria. Young woman a couple of years ago I became a mom. Almost immediately after the birth of her daughter Victoria began to diligently work on yourself to bring in a perfect condition its shape. First, the heiress of the composer published in the microblogging photos taken while Jogging, and then started to show bold frames in a bikini.