ВИДЕО: Григорий Лепс поставил личный рекорд
The singer came to grips with their health.

Grigory Leps

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Grigory Leps not one of those stars who spends holiday lying on a sun lounger by the pool. He is a supporter of an active lifestyle. In particular singer for a long time, if possible, refuses to drive the car in favor of walking. 55-year-old actor is increasingly on foot, and in order to assess their achievements he has installed on the phone a special program, allowing him to calculate distances travelled.

Recently, the Leps came back from Italy, where he managed to set his personal record. Four days of break, he walked over 100 km! In just one day he could cover a distance of 38 kilometers. He told about it in exclusive interview 7days.ru. The interview with him took place behind the scenes of the festival “Rendezvous”, whose owner is Laima Vaikule.

By the way, in Jurmala, where the Leps arrived the day before, the singer also intends to continue to set records. However, in the first day of arrival to make him not succeed, but the next day he prepares to go for a walk along the coast of the Riga seaside “wind” for at least another 10 kilometers.