Уилмер Вальдеррама сделал необычный подарок на Новый Год Аманде Пачеко

This is a very happy New year for the Wilmer Valderrama and Amanda Pacheco! The actor surprised his 28-year-old girlfriend with a romantic proposal and shared the exciting news on January 1.
39-year-old Wilmer Valderrama engaged?! The actor, who previously dated demi Lovato for six years, asked the most important question to his girlfriend Amanda Pacheco new year’s eve. He on his page on Instagram shared the photo, which appeared on his knees in front of Amanda, on a background of ocean and a Sunny sky. “Now we only”, — he signed the picture along with the date January 1, 2020. Amanda also shared the photo with offer and also close-up of her pear-shaped ring. In the picture with the ring she was holding the hand of Wilmer, when the ring is centered on full display front end.

Уилмер Вальдеррама сделал необычный подарок на Новый Год Аманде Пачеко
Offer the actor arrived in San Diego after a romantic new year’s trip to Mexico. Amanda previously talked about how special it is to San Diego, where she was born and where her parents fell in love, and where she and her mother spent a special day together before she died. “This is my favorite place to “just breathe” as I always told my mom, and let go of the sadness of the absence of my mother and memories of how I was lucky that she lived, loved and laughed a lot,” shared Amanda to Instagram in 2017.
Wilmer and Amanda was first spotted together in April, and although they were seen several times, they were quite secretive in their relationship. Amanda is a model and also a Divemaster, according to her page on Instagram. (Approx.ed. Divemaster assistant instructor in the training of scuba diving.)

Wilmer, known to have been in relationships with Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore and demi Lovato. He met demi in 2010-2016, and they remained friendly since their breakup. In 2018 Wilmer was a reliable partner in the support for demi, as she is recovering from her near fatal overdose in July.

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