Линдсей Лохан возвращается в Америку


33-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan has announced its future plans for the New year — “just to return the life to which I aspired, and for which I worked so hard and share it with your family and you guys.”
Lindsay Lohan is planning to start this decade with the return to America on the big screen and doing music again.
33-year-old actress, who is currently in Muscat, Oman, has joined Andy Cowen and Anderson Cooper for a satellite interview on the eve of the New year on Tuesday and spoke about what she has planned in the field of movies and music next year.
When asked if she has any plans for 2020, Lohan said, “Yes, I have a lot of plans. So I want to really focus on myself and what I can do in my life for the better, to return to America and start over again to do that I will do in this new year. And, you know, just start to live life and share it with your family and you guys.
It is expected that Lohan will star in “Among the shadows” which will be released in cinemas on 5 March 2020. The film marked the first role for Lohan in the feature film after “the Canyons” in 2013, though currently she has extensive experience in short films. In addition to a short reality show “Beach club Lindsay Lohan”, the actress also participated as a judge on the TV show “the Best singer you mask” in Australia.

Линдсей Лохан возвращается в Америку
Cowan, who is known for his guests live with Andy Cowen “Watch What Happens Live” to answer the most intimate questions, also asked Lohan about her recent comments on Instagram photos Liam Hemsworth and her return to music.
In September, Lohan released her first song after an 11-year break. The EDM track is called “Xanax” was published in Instagram Lohan, but not officially released. Cohen asked Lohan about the track, saying: “I’m ready for this record!”. What Lohan said, “Andy, you’ll get it after the New year.”
She continued her interview by post in Instagram, which said: “the Future is bright! let’s all give love, light and peace”
Lohan recently recalled his acting career, sharing the photo in December 2019 with a magazine cover in 2006, where she was with Meryl Streep. The pair played together in the 2006 film “Home Prairie companion”, directed by Robert Altman.
The “good old times,” Lohan wrote in the caption to the photo that she Strip and look at each other, obrativshis hands. The pose was the idea of Lohan, she told W Magazine in the article on the cover.
Lohan in 2006, told the magazine that she’s looking exciting career on the Strip, and said “I would like to be on the same level as Meryl”.

“I want people to know me for the work I do, not the image of the party girl, which is just disgusting, disgusting and unfair because I work so much,” said the star of “mean girls”. “Maybe one day someone will look at my life and say, “Why don’t I do a cover with Lindsay Lohan?”

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