Жена Ромы Жукова потеряла ребенка Wife stars of the ‘ 90s admitted that her husband sometimes asked her to have sex, with the result that she lost the baby. Elena admitted that he had been forced to endure disrespect Roma Zhukov for many years.
Жена Ромы Жукова потеряла ребенка

Now the once exemplary family star 90 Roma Zhukov scandal – the couple announced that they are going to get a divorce and forget about 13 years of life together, married the marriage and the joint parenting of six children. With the development of the conflict, Roma and Elena share more and more shocking facts of their family life. The wife of the artist admits that she had to tolerate a disrespectful attitude – he was indifferent to the health of his wife, he could afford to lay hands on loved ones. Once this attitude led to the tragedy – the loss of a child.

“Remember how he angrily threw the daughter on a Field vacation into the pool, she’s back broke. And I in 2008 he suffered a miscarriage. Husband didn’t believe that I have a fever, thought I take time off from household chores, forced to clean the house and go to the store: “If you as a wife do not fulfill their responsibilities, I’ll divorce you. I won’t marry a cripple!” And in the morning forced to make love while I was in the 10th week of pregnancy. I started bleeding, had to call an ambulance. The child I lost,” he shared bitter memories of Elena.

Zhukov hoped that with time the man will change, love and believe in the best. She noticed that due to the fading popularity of the musician fell into a depression and often tried to forget with alcohol.

Жена Ромы Жукова потеряла ребенка

The age difference between spouses is 16. Their romance began to develop, when Helen was just 20. They were introduced by a mutual friend, a girl fell in love with a handsome musician and decided that he would become her husband. Roma invited Elena out on a date where he presented her with an unusual gift.

“I remember, brought me a toothbrush with the words: “There is an omen: if a man gives a woman a toothbrush, he claimed her hand and heart.” I was bribed, – said Zhukov. – I said to him, “Honey, come on son your face. You are 36, I’m 20. We’ve done that already, got a family to think”. Six months later I found out that you’re expecting. Then Roma and made an offer. Waited for the boy, a daughter”.
Жена Ромы Жукова потеряла ребенка

But now, from the old romance is gone. Roma said that already lives with his girlfriend Helena Olga Illarionova in Sochi. Meanwhile, the wife of the performer of the hit “I love you, girls” said in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that she has to count pennies until the spouse having fun with new passion.

Roma Zhukov about the breakup with his wife: “we Have no relationship a year and a half”

Жена Ромы Жукова потеряла ребенка“Thank you, mom and friends who help us to survive. Roma sends us twice a day, then two, then five thousand. And this is for six children. And he lives with his mistress, flying business class. He went to my ex-girlfriend Ola. Son Nikita was taken in Sochi, and he no one day with it not spent, forever on tour and with a glass. The son calls me and complains about dad,” said Zhukov.