Победитель «Битвы экстрасенсов» обвинил коллег в шарлатанстве Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa outspoken about magicians and Karadah, which now appears more and more. According to the winner of “Battle of psychics”, many of his colleagues rely on theatrics and extravagant costumes forget about helping people.
Победитель «Битвы экстрасенсов» обвинил коллег в шарлатанстве

“The battle of psychics” — a project with a mixed reputation. Some stars, including longtime host the first season of Michael Porechenkova, not once he spoke negatively about the show. However, the first editions of the mystic program still revealed a few nuggets. Iranian psychic Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa is one of them. Hardly appeared in the first episode of the third season, he made the audience believe in their unique skills.

Now Mehdi, winning in the third season of the famous “blue hand”, to this day continues to practice magic every day helping dozens of people. However, the clairvoyant’s annoying that due to the popularity of the show, its participants are increasingly people with a dubious reputation.

“Here’s my professional opinion: do not go to psychics! There are conscientious charlatans who for their services ask for a small fee, but there are outright villains who are forced to sell cars, apartments and fully break human life,” said Mehdi.
Победитель «Битвы экстрасенсов» обвинил коллег в шарлатанстве

The winner of the show says that is really strong and talented psychics units. The majority of individuals offering their services on the Network, in his opinion, are charlatans. If the person still is going to go on reception to the MAG, you should carefully examine the reputation and track record.

“Inquiries. Find out about it as much as possible, try to find those who had approached him, ask them. You see, the fact that the services of a psychic are usually expensive. Come across the real experts, but know that it is psychic — work that requires concentration and high energy costs. There is not dancing with a tambourine,” said Ebrahimi Wafa.

The psychic also said that he is not able to perform miracles and bring people back to life. Mehdi does not deny that he has paranormal abilities, but they are still not unlimited. “Having worked with a photo, I can get some information about the person, but, of course, not cure it. And, please, diseases go to the hospital! This is my advice and as a certified doctor, and as a psychic who has repeatedly proved that it has the right to call themselves so,” said the winner of the third season of the popular project.

Mehdi is confident that due to the difficult economic and political situation, the number of people turning to psychics is growing steadily. After all, everyone dreams of a miracle and not getting it, disappointed and sinking into a deep depression.

In an interview with “REN-TV” the magician said that his mission is to help people, not to trick them. That is why Mehdi is trying to protect gullible people from charlatans, ready to do anything for money.