Wife of Stepan Menschikova has publicly confessed her love for him

Жена Степана Меньщикова публично призналась ему в любви The couple showed idyll in his son’s birthday. More recently declaring divorce ex-member of “House-2” Stepan Menshchikov and his wife, Eugenia Shamaeva finally reconciled. “Love, can not”, – has signed a snapshot of marrying with the faithful.

      Жена Степана Меньщикова публично призналась ему в любви

      At the end of last year all the fans of the reality show “Dom-2” with undisguised interest watched how publicly squabbling Stepan Menshchikov and his beautiful wife, Eugenia Shamaeva. The young woman was adamant, in an interview voiced complaints to her husband and stated that reconciliation with him is impossible. A little later began to appear that Stepan Menshchikov in whatever was wanted to establish a relationship with the mother of his son Vanya. Eugene took a step back and said that they are ready to communicate with her husband for the sake of the child, but as a man Menshchikov for her ceased to exist.

      But meanwhile, in her Instagram Sameway appeared regularly in joint shots with Menshikov. But before she even admitted the ex-husband of love. It happened at a children’s party in honor of the birthday of the heir to a pair of little van on March 24 was three years old. Eugene Shamaev published in the microblog photo of a merry party, which, apparently, they organized together with her husband. Among children’s pictures with Vanya fun eating your birthday cake and have fun with the animation team and their young guests, there is a photo on which the boy’s parents were sealed together. “Love,” signed a joint picture with her husband Eugene Shamaev. The couple is depicted embracing gently and look incredibly happy.

      Жена Степана Меньщикова публично призналась ему в любви

      Recall that the popularity of Stepan Menshikov came because of his involvement in the reality show “Dom-2”, where the guy was known as a real ladies ‘ man. It came to the most beautiful girls, it broke a lot of hearts, made with love beauties Alena Vodonaevoy and Victoria Bonneuil. In the end, a lady killer and a born showman realized that a real relationship it will create only the perimeter. His choice was Eugene Shamaev. However, their marriage cannot be called harmonious. The life of the spouses is endless quarrels, conflicts and intentions to leave forever. Eugene Shamaev never once tried to escape from Stepan Menschikova, stating that further relations with him impossible because of the constant betrayals, brutality and scandals that Stepan satisfied in the presence of a child. However, the former participant of “House-2” every time I returned his wife, making every effort to keep the family together.

      Жена Степана Меньщикова публично призналась ему в любви

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