Сын Никаса Сафронова даст благотворительный концерт-покаяние The party calls for a fatal accident to help the victim. She was collecting funds to help the disabled. In her memory and her case Luca Zatravkin organizes a charity event.

      The son of the artist Nikas Safronov, the world-renowned pianist Luca Zatravkin bitterly regrets the fatal road accident that claimed the life of 78-year-old woman (according to other sources, she was 72 years). In her memory he decided to organize a charity concert, all proceeds from which will go to an organization dealing with assistance for the disabled. As it turned out, the pensioner was doing this for the last years of his life. In order to make amends to the deceased and to commit good deeds – to help others – Zatravkin organizes his presentation that could help many really deserving people.

      The son of Nikas Safronov about the accident: “I feel guilt and is ready to bear responsibility”

      “I got into a terrible accident, which told all media. I immediately pleaded guilty, in the first days I didn’t know how to live. Only now I’m starting to accept what happened. Late already anything and will not return for any money. But she had business of life is a charity organization for the disabled. I thought how the pianist can play a charity concert and all the money from the tickets to give to this organization… I appeal to all media that plagued relatives of the deceased, tortured me and my family and they have not passed by and lit up this noble campaign. While I am still free, I want to help and save the lost business,” commented Luca Zatravkin in his video message to journalists.

      Zatravkin the concert will take place on 27 April at the Moscow Music hall, tickets can be purchased at ticket agencies.

      Recall that an accident involving an illegitimate son of Nikas Safronov took place on 11 March in the evening, in the Big Academic street. 25-year-old pianist was driving to a business meeting and noticed an older woman, perehodivshuyu the road at a red light. Later the young man said that was driving the correct speed, but because of the evening time of day too late realized what had happened. Zatravkin tried to render first aid to the pensioner, but she died on the spot before the arrival of the ambulance, which was called by the son of the famous artist. A fatal accident was widely publicized in the press, and Luca Zatravkin did not hide his guilt. He made repeated statements about how much he regrets and how hard it was to understand tragedy.

      In addition, recently it became known that the police opened a criminal case against Zatravkin as regards 3 articles 264 of the criminal code “Violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles”. At the moment law enforcement agencies are investigating the incident.

      Luka Zatravkin – a winner of sixteen international competitions, graduate of the Paris Conservatory, honorary Professor of the Swiss Academy of music. He is regularly involved in charitable activities in Russia and abroad. So, Zatravkin gave concerts in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in Beslan and to help children with heart disease, supporting the action of the football player Andrey Shevchenko. In October 2009 the pianist was awarded the order “Peacemaker”, the award established by the world charitable Alliance and is awarded for contribution to the development of friendly relations between residents of different countries.


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