Жена Андрея Малахова публично извинилась за поцелуй с другим мужчиной
Natalia shkuleva are unable to resist the sultry beauty.

Natalia shkuleva and Antonio Banderas

Photo: @natashashkuleva Instagram Natalia Kulevoy

The arrival of Antonio Banderas in Moscow caused wild excitement. At the opening of the exhibition a Hollywood handsome gathered a huge number of ladies. Many managed to take a photo with the star. Among those lucky was the wife of Andrei Malakhov. It is, however, not limited to just the joint, and, unable to restrain himself, kissed the star.

Natalia is not just expressed tender feelings for Antonio, but published a photo showing her “bullying”. I must say that kiss, of course, was in cheek and didn’t mean no reason for jealousy from the Malakhov. However, the spouse of the TV presenter chose to apologize for his behavior and in the caption to the picture publicly apologized to her husband. “Andrew, I’m sorry!” — posted by shkuleva.

Meanwhile, in the relationship of Natalia and Andrei reigns now in full harmony. Summer vacation, the couple spent in the South of France. Most of the time the couple spent on the boat, but sometimes went to the beach. In particular, in order to try the local national dish — Bouillabaisse, Malakhov wife and I visited a nudist beach. To undress they, however, were not very much surprised present visitors.