Cameron Diaz has admitted how she had suffered because of its thinness

Кэмерон Диаз призналась, как страдала из-за своей худобы
The actress talked about their complexes.

Кэмерон Диаз призналась, как страдала из-за своей худобы

Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz admitted that she’s completely okay with the age difference with her husband, musician Benji Medina.

“I met benny — and I knew it was my future husband. He is the most sincere person in the world. None of all living on earth is not such a huge heart! — says the actress. Ben is a very emotionally Mature and an adult. And I, though older, can afford to be more free in their emotions. Get a great balance! Ben taught me how to admit their mistakes, not be afraid to show the pain, fatigue, lack of confidence — that I used to carefully conceal all his life”.

As it turned out, Diaz in his childhood suffered greatly due to the fact that they felt too thin. She had a real complex. And only after talking with Ben, she realized that these children’s experiences, which she always concealed, you need to remember easily.

“In childhood I was called skeleton, and Ethiopian — I was skinny,” says the actress. — Can you imagine how much that hurt me? I read the lack of certain parts of the body during adolescence. (Laughs.) Now the children are mostly sitting home at the computer or go to the section for additional classes. And I still have those days caught when we played outside, we had each other in sight. And if I was ridiculed, even fought, to stand up for themselves. I could pick the biggest kid and raise it, proving how strong and cool. It seemed to me then the most important thing…”

Over the years this has passed, but the bad feeling remained. And only communication with her husband, who helped her sort herself out and get rid of complexes, helped Diaz to feel the most beautiful and protected.

The full interview with the actress here.

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden.

Photo: legion-media