Wife of Andrei Arshavin forgave her husband and went with him on a journey

Жена Андрея Аршавина простила мужа и отправилась вместе с ним в путешествие

A month ago, Alice Kazmina left Andrei Arshavin after 13 months of married life. A little later comments gave Sam Andrew, who confessed to infidelities. He repented and confessed that he wants to keep the family together. Despite the instagram post, he is still able to maintain relationships, and find the path to reconciliation, because the couple together with children went on a trip by plane.

Alice put on instagram a picture of the plane sitting her two children from a previous marriage, and the rear is located the Andrey Arshavin. Judging from the responses of a footballer’s wife to the comments under the photo, the whole family went on vacation to the Maldives. A little later in instagram there were pictures of children on the beach.

Recall that before the trip, the pair were hairs from the breakup. “Andrew was leading a double life, – tells the publication, “StarHit” man of the family of Arshavina Sergei. In 2015 he played in the St. Petersburg “Zenith” and during the celebration of his birthday I met Katya – model, cute curvaceous blonde. She liked him, began to chat, have an affair… Andrew gave her an expensive watch, was invited to football games and even gave the foreign car passion had fun. They secretly met in hotels, restaurants, airports… Catherine made plans about the wedding with Arshavin. This is despite the fact that she was in a relationship. The young man Katie, of course, was not aware that he is slowly but surely growing horns!”.

“I don’t understand why this man appeared in our lives two years later, commented on the cheating itself Kazmina. — Our relationship with Andrew after the wedding and the birth of a daughter is much better. He has changed, became absolutely to others: attentive, caring, very trying for us. Wept when it appeared that Sasha didn’t understand how a man can do to ruin a family. Now we are fine, get a divorce I’m not going. Of course, it was hard to go through it, but all in the past. Andrew loves children, my daughter calls him dad, even though he was not native. With the biological father she, unfortunately, does not communicate”.