Жена Александра Серова рассказала, как он избил ее и отобрал дочь
Elena Serova revealed details of the high-profile divorce from actor.

Жена Александра Серова рассказала, как он избил ее и отобрал дочь

And time to register a daughter he hadn’t found it. Presentation of the new album and music video EMIN’a “Honest”

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The ex-wife of Alexander Serova Elena openly said
the journal “Collection Caravan of stories”, why is she divorced from the singer, and that pushed her
finally to the decision to sever ties with the artist.

Жена Александра Серова рассказала, как он избил ее и отобрал дочь

Alexander Serov with her daughter Michelle

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Elena Serova

“Sasha raised a hand to me, beat. My face was
blue, broken nose, — says Elena. — Wanted to call the police, but it was hushed up
scandal — sent me to Germany, paid for plastic surgery. Natural
question — why didn’t I sue him in court? I didn’t want to deal received
publicity and this is reflected in the daughter. To go through this. And I said,
“I’m divorcing you. Everything!” This procedure was long. Although he is as mad shouted:
“Give the passport! He will go will divorce from you!” — I understood that it will have to do
itself. He will not go anywhere. And I need division of property. Explain why:
I have a child, and he has an illegitimate daughter, maybe some more then
shows up. But if he gets married and give birth to children? I filed for partition and divided
two apartments and two houses. Now a new song broke forth: “Michelle the mother is not needed,
she does not communicate. I took the daughter this is crazy.”

Do you know how he
they moved it to yourself? Michelle went to College, the first year I drove it from
our village in Moscow. At eighteen she passed on the right, and she turned to go
for class, but lived with me. Serov was moved to a new house five miles from
Moscow. And said to me, or a daughter moves in with him, or he ceases to pay for it
training. And that three hundred thousand rubles a year, I have no such money. I’m crying
daughter crying. Thought, could not deprive her of education, and Serov house
closer to Moscow. “Lord, in the end, it’s her father. Eighteen years
every second engaged daughter, now it’s his turn”. I often close friends
asked, why are we still divorced. I have this question always answered
silence — not wanting to wash dirty linen in public, to hurt his beloved daughter. And
now say: “to survive! To a psychiatric hospital did not fall, not die…”