Жена Александра Панкратова-Черного раскрыла правду о госпитализации актера Fans worried about his condition. Alexander Pankratov-Black has been forced to turn to doctors. Wife of people’s artist of Russia said that made him call for help from the experts.
Жена Александра Панкратова-Черного раскрыла правду о госпитализации актера

Today appeared information about the fact that the famous 68-year-old actor Alexander Pankratov-Black has been urgently hospitalized. According to some, he had to have surgery. As asserted by insiders, the artist discovered a disease that could threaten him with loss of mobility of the hands. It was associated with the fact that the tendons lose their elasticity, and therefore shortened. As a result, the fingers can not straighten up until the end.

However, the wife Yulia Monakhova hastened to refute the information. She told me what really happened to her husband.

“Alexander is alive and well, sitting next to me. He went on a little advice: there was a problem with a finger,” said the woman.
Жена Александра Панкратова-Черного раскрыла правду о госпитализации актера

The actor admitted that he believes in horoscopes – astrologer he predicted a car accident in which he managed to survive literally a miracle. PAL also warned that in a certain month Alexander will break your arm. The actor really got hurt. Moreover, the astrologer born under the same sign of the zodiac and also suffered.

Now Pankratov-Black continues to play. He admitted that he could not sit idle, and therefore agree to the proposals of the Directors. Even if the role failed, Alexander did not upset. He understands that this should be accepted, although sometimes he can be this hard. The last time he appears in different series “Deffchonki”, “Kitchen”, although he is known for his role in the film “We are from jazz”, released in 1983 year.

Not so long ago, Alexander Pankratov-Black was at the epicenter of the scandal – Irina Semiletova said that they have a daughter together. However, the man denied this information. He is now married to the daughter of cameraman and film Director Vladimir Monakhov.

Wife of Alexander Pankratov-Black has assured journalists of “Agency of city news “Moscow” that the artist feels good, and his life and health threatens nothing.