Гоген Солнцев сыграет свадьбу на «Доме-2» Today showman and his fiancee got married at the Palace of marriage number 4. The bride, the 63-year-old Ekaterina Tereshkovich, was dressed in a white linen dress with flowers and blue boots from Russian designer Natalia gaydarzhi. And the groom, 37-year-old Gauguin Solntsev, on the occasion of the celebration made festive styling and dressed in a suit.
Гоген Солнцев сыграет свадьбу на «Доме-2»

“Right at the wedding ceremony Kate handed him the keys to the apartment in Moscow, – said the “StarHit” friend of the family Diane Bicharova. Is her wedding gift to her husband. After registration the young will go on to note “the House-2”.

Gauguin and Catherine met four years ago. The woman – a philologist by training, has long dreamed of playing in the theater. She Tereshkovich admitted that he was eager to meet Solntsev.

Initially, the showman planned to organize a Banquet in one of the capital’s yacht clubs, which invited 70 guests, including stars. For example, Sergey Penkin and the group “Factor 2”. But at the last minute the groom decided to celebrate your wedding on the most controversial show in the country. Celebrations will take place at the site of the project “Dom-2”, which is located in Moscow, not the city. And not all guests newfound family will be allowed to shoot a limited number of seats.

The highlight of the evening will be the presentation of the debut songs the controversial blogger Diana Shurygina and singer Sasha Act. The guys in the Duo has already recorded three songs to the end of the year plans to release the album. At the end of the evening event will be a huge cake from pastry chef Alex Kush.
Гоген Солнцев сыграет свадьбу на «Доме-2»

Around wedding odious showman and old woman like you were and there is a lot of talk. Couple drew considerable attention to himself when he was married in the beginning of the year.

Many believe that the showman was hankering for a respectable dowry of elderly women: rural cottage with expensive furniture and an AU pair, a prestige car with driver, Bank accounts… the sun denies it. Moreover, he tested the lie detector on Federal talk-show. In the end, the camera showed that Catherine was not attracted to Gauguin as a woman, though their relationship really is a place of intimacy.

Mom Gauguin Lyudmila already warned the Tereshkovich. According to a close relative, her son is only interested in money and PR.

Mom Gauguin Solntsev tries to dissuade his older bride from the wedding

Recall that Gauguin (his real name is Elijah) in the past engaged in sales of cosmetics, he has had some success in network marketing. However, the guy always dreamed of playing on stage. Showman taught theatre for children, now the sun performs in various transvestite shows in Nightclubs.