Супруга Александра Овечкина удивила выбором свадебного наряда
Anastasia Sumska showed what actually got married.

Anastasia and Alexander (Ovechkin

Photo: @nastyashubskaya Instagram Anastasia Subsky

Young wife Alexander Ovechkin — Anastasia Subsky (newly Ovechkin) finally demonstrated what outfit she went down the aisle. As it turned out, the daughter of Vera Glagoleva decided not to follow the traditions and arrived at the registry office in jeans.

This choice surprised fans of Alexander, who had expected that his wife will choose an elegant white dress to the floor. However, as can be seen, the Russian hockey player with his wife do not have to make the wedding a Grand event. Although it is possible that Anastasia was saving the dress to the celebration of marriage, which, according to rumors, will take place the following summer.

Meanwhile, the civil registry office was published Ovechkino not just so, and with purpose to congratulate a loved one happy birthday. In the caption she wrote about her feelings for the newly made spouse. “My love, the most caring, gentle and understanding! I would like to wish you remain the same, what you are, how you were brought up by your parents , you’re a great friend, a caring son, a good brother and the best husband! Thank you for every day of life together and I’m happy just thinking that it would be life! You know how much I love you and I will not cease to repeat it every day many times) Health to you, my dear! And I promise that I will do everything in my power to make you been the happiest! Happy birthday, my life!” Anastasia wrote.

By the way, honeymoon couple Ovechkina also had to be deferred to the next summer. The fact that Alexander had already started the sporting season, a tight schedule which didn’t give him a chance to enjoy the honeymoon.