Елизавета Боярская перестала скрывать подросшего сына
In the network appeared the first the four year old heir of the actress.

Recently in the network appeared the first picture of the son of Elizabeth Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveyev. The photo of the little heir shared wife of Benjamin Smekhova — Director Galina Aksenova. On the published picture has also been found imprinted the husband of the owner of the microblog, Mikhail Boyarsky Elizabeth and Kseniya Rappoport.

Despite the fact that the son of acting couple — Andrew for four years, the Network has so far not got any picture of the boy. Boyarsky, remembering his childhood, never wanted for her son, followed closely by the paparazzi. After the publication in the minutes made the rounds on social networks, and fans began with great excitement to discuss who’s like the heir to an acting dynasty.

Among other things, its summer vacation and the boyar Matveyev held in Georgia. Andrew probably traveled together with their parents, however, joint photo shoots star parents showed. By the way, Maxim and Elizabeth has had a difficult year. Leave Elizabeth and Maxim was definitely deserved, because not so long ago they finished shooting in the new film adaptation of “Anna Karenina”, directed by Karen Shakhnazarov. Both spouses played a major role: boyar — Anna, Maxim — Vronsky. That happened on the set, the actors were told on their pages in social networks.