Wife of Abraham Rousseau was appalled by the act of the husband

Жена Авраама Руссо в ужасе от поступка мужа
Spouse receives threats from the artist.

Avraam Russo with his wife Morelli

Photo: @morelarusso Instagram Morella Russo

In the autumn of this year it became known that the relations of Abraham Russo and his wife Morella came to an end. The singer intends after the divorce to leave your spouse with children with nothing. Morella was a homemaker and involved in the upbringing of children. The money and real estate, according to Russo, the wife has no right to claim.

The wife of Abraham eve published an open letter to appeal to her husband. She hoped that he would have to return to his family, because his daughter Emanuella and Ave Maria are confused because of what is happening and suffer without a dad. Morella gets threats of Abraham and does not understand that became the catalyst for the sudden change in her husband. Russo has always positioned itself as a believer, observing a righteous way of life.

“I think I understand every woman is betrayed and
left with young children not only without means of subsistence, but in
debt. Especially understand those
who forget about themselves, sacrificing herself to her husband, and they lived for him, — wrote Morella. — Here I am
completely dissolved in the husband, and then I heard him say, “You’re nothing, you’re nobody,
dig your own grave”. Our marriage was learned from television programs.

Except for love, loyalty and devotion that pay?
My heart bleeds, when you realize that the dad of your children threw their
angels, and they will have to grow up without a father’s love and attention. Oldest
asks: “Why is daddy not coming, not calling? He doesn’t love me anymore?” How to keep
yourself? I want to howl.

I hope Abraham was just confused and he does not understand,
what story got the most people close to him. I pray every day in hope
the husband will think again. Pray not for themselves but for their children!”