Жена бросила Лоренцо Ламаса

Sean Craig, the wife of actor Lorenzo Lamas, in five years of marriage, tired of leaving him and to resume relations. This time she decided to leave once and for all, as reported by a source close to the family. Recently, Sean told her husband that she is going to go with him on a reality TV program, the contract which he signed last month.

“Sean did not want to move in with Lorenzo to new York and left him. He is devastated by her decision” — told an insider.
58-year-old Lamas and Craig got married in 2011, but to live with him then she is not going to.
“Sean told him that he went to live in new York one that it will be the best decision for him, and it intends to stay out and party without him. It is very upset for Lorenzo, because they’ve been through so much together,” — said the insider.
As reported by the Western media, Sean became a surrogate child with his stepdaughter, the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas Sayani, who due to illness couldn’t have children. On his page in the social network, Craig has published a photo, which embraces her husband.
“Despite all the trials and changes in our lives, sometimes we just need hugs. Even though we can’t be together, we are 100% you can be sure that’ll always be dependable for each other,” said Sean.