Джим Керри ответил на обвинения в смерти Катрионы Уайт в суде

In September of this year mother, Katrina white, former lover of Hollywood actor Jim Carrey has filed a lawsuit against the ex-boyfriend’s daughter, and opened to the public a very different Jim – not smiling and touching and cynical, mean and vindictive man. Brigitte Sweetman, the so-called mother of Catriona, accused Kerry of bringing her daughter to suicide, and stated that he was given a drug overdose which was fatal for a young girl. In addition, Bridget claims that Jim white had infected a whole bunch of sexually transmitted diseases, hiding this fact, and then was accused of debauchery.

Jim also appealed to the court, requiring the defendant to remove all previous charges, because it considers them groundless. Bridget, meanwhile, demanded that Kerry has published the results of laboratory studies that they are to Catriona took place in January last year. Kerry is known only to him reason refused to do and accused Sweetman desire to earn money on it.
“From the suicide notes left by Catriona white, that for her Jim Carrey was the person she absolutely trusted, and whom he loved” — it is told in the statement of lawyers of Jim. However, this does not diminish what he did.
Recall that Kerry looked very upset and depressed after learning of the death of his beloved. He made a touching statement, cried and even was a pallbearer at the funeral of Katrina.