Жена Краско, Галыгин и Федорова окунулись в крещенскую купель Celebrities congratulated the audience with one of the oldest holidays. Many of them followed the ancient popular tradition and performed the ceremony of ablution, and left a wishes for fans on social networks.
Жена Краско, Галыгин и Федорова окунулись в крещенскую купель

19 January believers celebrate Epiphany. In the night of one of the main Orthodox holidays, it is customary to plunge into the hole. Many famous people decided to follow old tradition and celebrated the dawn of the big day, and congratulated the public on social networks.

President Vladimir Putin plunged into the ice-hole on lake Seliger. The head of state celebrated the Baptism after the end of the work program in the Leningrad region and visit the monastery of the Nilo-Stolobenskaya Pustyn. “The night temperature in the lake did not fall below 6-7 degrees below zero,” – said the press Secretary of Putin Dmitry Peskov. He also added that Vladimir Putin is not the first experience of bathing.

The Lokomotiv players are now at the training camp in Spain, but this did not prevent them to jump into the water. “Our guys”, “keep it up”, “well Done,” cheering on the athletes in the world. “With all the Orthodox holiday,” wrote, in turn, Dmitry Tarasov on Instagram.

Oleg Gazmanov also went to another country. The actor appealed to the fans and congratulated them on their Baptism. “This time I’m away from home. Around the ocean, but God is always in my heart. All the best! In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit,” shared the singer.

Wish the fans had left and the star of the TV series “Poor Nastya” Elena Korikova, which is currently touring Russia. “Let the bitter cold freeze evil, frozen tears! And laughter and kindness let not freeze ever! And let the baptismal water will give you health for years! With a holiday! Just took a photo of the view from the window of a hotel room in Perm. And we are back on the road,” said the actress.

It is unknown whether Korikova dipped in cold water, but the other beauty of domestic show-business Oksana Fedorova said he followed folk custom. However, video bathing a celebrity decided not to pay. “Peace, love, health, lightness! And you decided?” – asked Oksana to subscribers.

To celebrate the Baptism, Vadim Galygin went to his native Belarus. Showman rested in the company of friends. “Congratulations! Warmth and kindness of your family,” “Admire your courage,” “Be good”, commented subscribers galygina.

The young wife of Ivan Krasko, Natalya moved to Israel, where he participated in the ritual with a friend and other believers. “This is the land of milk and honey,” the actress described their impressions in social networks.

Alla Dovlatov did not change the long-standing habit and went to celebrate Baptism together with friends. Radio host and her family had a wonderful time in one of the fitness clubs of premium class, which plunged into the water together with other vacationers.