Shura is enjoying the Association with his mother after years of conflict

Шура наслаждается общением с матерью после многолетнего конфликта At the end of last year the famous artist finally established communication with a relative. Now in a relationship Shura and his mother Svetlana Medvedeva reigned long-awaited harmony. About his reconciliation with a loved one, the contractor will talk in the new edition of the project “One day”.

On Saturday, January 20, in the NTV will show a new edition of “One day”, heroes of which were Konstantin Kryukov, Tatyana Vedeneeva and Shura. In TV magazine, the executor of hits “Do good” and “Cold moon” will tell what he remembered of the 2017-th year, and also will share details of their rehabilitation after surgery.

Fans of hanky filled up the hospital room artist colors

In early January, the Shura had to undergo surgery in Kurgan. The actor had problems with the hip joint. Reporters found Shura at the research center under strict supervision of doctors. The actor has been admitted in a serious condition.

“The pain is severe, but I think that I will survive all this. Going tomorrow to relearn how to walk and then to dance, – said Shura in the first hours after surgery, the correspondents program. – How did I come to such a life? Very simple. I always were boots with high heels to please and amuse the fans. Thus I hurt his hip joint”.

Now, according to Shura, he feels much better. Artist enjoy communicating with other patients and learning to walk again. “Plenty have you done with lying there on the bed, getting up, and taking the first steps, of course, words cannot Express the pain that I had to experience once moved anesthesia, I climbed literally to the wall this iron bar, howled Beluga. And now every day is easier”, – wrote the contractor last week.

In the program Sergey Mayorov Shura also candid about his relationship with his mother, Svetlana Medvedeva, who lives in Novosibirsk. The singer tried several times to go to the world with a woman, but she rejected his attempts. Know that the future artist was an unwanted child. At the age of nine years, he was sent to an orphanage, where the boy then took my grandmother. Years later, the Shura finally managed to establish contact with the family.

“The greatest joy in the past year I had just two months before the New year. 25 years in my vocabulary lacked the word “mother”. Now it is present. In the same way as my mother has the word “son.” She also calls me “sugar”. This is the most wonderful event in my life over the past 25 years”, – said Shura to the program of the NTV channel.

In addition, viewers will learn about how the famous actor was struggled with cancer. Shura admits that he felt when he learned of his diagnosis, and told about the cure from alcohol addiction.