Жена Этуша о госпитализации актера: «Ему было плохо» Due to the sharp deterioration of health 96-year-old actor had to interrupt his vacation in Italy. Back in Moscow, Vladimir Etush was delivered in one of capital clinics. The wife of the artist admitted that Richter was really not feeling well, but now everything’s fine.
Жена Этуша о госпитализации актера: «Ему было плохо»

Last Friday, 96-year-old Vladimir Etush was urgently taken to one of the Moscow clinics. The doctors had evaluated the condition of the artist as a stable, but still encouraged him to remain under the supervision of experts.

Due to health problems the actor had to interrupt his vacation in Italy to return home. The wife of the artist still doesn’t understand why the wife health deteriorated.

“We are never in the sun. The reason is not the jumped-up pressure. Only God knows what provoked the deterioration of health. Mr Abramovich was just bad,” said the wife Etush.
Жена Этуша о госпитализации актера: «Ему было плохо»

Despite the spoiled ending of vacations, the couple had a great time in Italy — one of my favorite resorts. Elena Etush shared with fans photos and impressions. “Sunday afternoon on the beach. The impression is that he came the whole of Italy. Who did not manage to grab a seat at the table, drinking while standing,” wrote the wife of the artist.

By the way, despite his advanced age, Vladimir Etush continues to work in the theater. It can be regularly seen on stage in “the Benefit” play “While she died”.

During the long work in theatre and film actor managed to earn decent condition. However, in 2013, he entrusted the money to the Bank, and four years later it turned out that all the funds are gone. However, law enforcement agencies managed to ensure that the Etush reimbursed amount. “Money refunded in full. The material have no complaints. Returned more than 46 million rubles,” — said lawyer Michael Ioffe “StarHit”.

Despite his busy schedule, Vladimir Etush finds time to regain strength and health. However, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, this time stay in Italy did not go in his favor.