Жена Алексея Самсонова намерена обвенчаться с ним Julia has already chosen a white dress. A young woman shared photos from a Bridal salon. As the wife of Samson, she went there together with my niece, but she does not exclude, that soon again will be dressed in a wedding outfit.
Жена Алексея Самсонова намерена обвенчаться с ним

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Julia Maulina happy marriage with Alexey Samsonov. Despite the fact that some time ago, the family had some problems, managed to solve all differences. Julia hinted that her husband was not faithful, wanted him seen a child and thought about divorce. But the man managed to get a wife for forgiveness. Now the reality star re-lay pictures with one another and are recognized senses.

Recently Julia has been in the Bridal salon. In the microblog of a young mother there were pictures in gorgeous wedding outfits. The first model demonstrated Saulina, emphasized her slender figure. Subscribers have started to wonder why her dress. In the next post Julia clarified the situation.

“Three years ago, chose a dress there herself, and now brought his niece. The wedding will come,” said Julia.

Usually after a few years of marriage couples decide to get married. Spouse Samson said in the comments that should pass this ritual about three years after marriage. Meanwhile, netizens are actively discussing her outfit.

“For the wedding should be maximally closed dress and shoes”, “Crazy beautiful,” “You are pretty amazing! You will go,” wrote a follower.

Recently Julia Maulina remembered how struck up her relationship with Alex. “Alex insisted that I come to him, but I did not like, I’m probably more shy people and so much publicity I did not want. He invited me to go to visit, I accepted the invitation. Drove around during the day. As I remember, I was wearing a modest blouse, jeans, high heel shoes and little makeup. Went, talked the whole time about anything, and he didn’t even warn that familiarity with his teammates on the project will be not so simple. We arrived at the gate, we put a loop (microphones), I don’t even have time to ask why,” said Julia.

After that she lived with him for a while on telestroke, however, for the development of more serious relationships, the pair left the project.