Why the mother of Liza Boyarskaya is a shame for a daughter?

Почему маме Лизы Боярской стыдно за дочь?
32-year-old actress at the moment, Lisa boyars, waiting for the birth of the second child.

Почему маме Лизы Боярской стыдно за дочь?

Initially this was told by colleagues of Lisa, working with her in the St. Petersburg theatre, and later this fact was confirmed by the Pope Boyarskiy – Mihail.

Later your comment about this gave Lisa’s mom Larisa Luppian. She admitted she was very glad for the daughter and son-in-law of Maxim Matveeva, the more she feels incredible pride in the daughter’s husband, when he sees how he cares about the first son Andrew. Larissa even admitted that she was ashamed of her daughter because, in many areas, it is even less responsible and organized, than Maxim.

Recall that in the moment of Liza Boyarskaya lives in two cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg. She leaves work in the theatre, as in St. Petersburg she has a favorite work, but, after all, his home in the capital, as there live her husband and son.

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