Из-за чего Кендалл Дженнер раскритиковали в сети?

Kendall Jenner continues to provoke negative discussion and outrage in the network. If earlier it turned the Internet because of the incident with the little girl in the cafe and her dog, now the model has appeared more than one thousand haters because said in an interview.

Из-за чего Кендалл Дженнер раскритиковали в сети?

Anniversary issue of LOVE magazine promised a lot. List of models who appeared in an erotic photo shoot, joined Kendall Jenner. The appearance of a member of the clan Kardashian-Jenner not so angered the public, as she said in an interview. The journalists decided to discuss with her model career, as well as the hardships of life model. Waited frankness — received. “I was very picky in the work plan. And never was that girl that agreed to do 30 shows for the season or whatever else nonsense some girls do. Good luck to them! I have had a lot of trials, not only the outputs on the podium, but and shooting. Together, these commitments led to the fact that I started to panic and realized that it was time to stop. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown,” he shared his feelings with Kendall.

How such words could not angry? Not every model has a family of celebrities whose name allows the girl to be picky. This was announced by instagram account ShitModelMGMT. In this model raskritikoval. Arrived and the models themselves. Montenegrin model Irina Juranovich said that has never been so humiliated. Croatian model Faretta Jenner called lazy, because of the popularity and big earnings she stiffened as did the other girls without “ready” name. Russian model Daria Strokous wrote: “All these girls are trying to make money and provide for their families. And, by the way, in one season is usually held 70 shows and we were proud to participate in each of them.”

Let us remind about another scandal: the dog Kendall Jenner rocks the Doberman Pinscher has bitten a little girl, and the woman quickly left the scene of the “crime”. In court one is not going to file, but it caused a great resonance. Some argue that Kendall wretch, and some insiders say that the girl and the dog does not bite. So what happened?

A simple trip to lunch at one of the restaurants of Los Angeles for Kendall and her boyfriend Ben Simmons ended in a scandal. Under no circumstances will the dog model suddenly fell and was bitten near seated little girl is not clear, but what happened, happened. Under the noise of the waiters, who immediately went to get ice, star couple pull up to the restaurant. When the workers of the restaurant lovingly offered little ice, Kendall and her boyfriend on the spot was gone. Because the mother failed to resolve the conflict with the stars, that I had to call law enforcement.