«Зачем мне спутница? Борщ варить?»: Андрей Макаревич рассказал о личной жизни Andrey Makarevich has told that at the moment his heart is free. The musician is absolutely not concerned about this and finds a special charm in its current loneliness.
«Зачем мне спутница? Борщ варить?»: Андрей Макаревич рассказал о личной жизни

64-year-old Andrei Makarevich’ve been married three times, but each time his marriages ended in divorce. With the latest wife Natalia Dove he broke up in 2010 after seven years of marriage. Since then, the artist preferred not to talk about personal things. However, in a recent interview, nevertheless have made an exception.

The leader of the legendary “time Machine” has said that he feels unhappy due to loneliness. On the contrary, Makarevich finds a special charm in the status of bachelor.

“Any particular one lady I have now. And I don’t worry about it. I don’t think that alone is a disadvantage. I believe that is a virtue. Why do I need life partner? Shirts to wash? For this there are specially trained people. To cook borscht? I cook them well”, — shared his thoughts Makarevich.
«Зачем мне спутница? Борщ варить?»: Андрей Макаревич рассказал о личной жизни

Still, the actor noted that there is a lady with whom he shares a home. It was a German shepherd Eva, in which Makarevich just doted. Also the singer is home and the dog named Sasha. In recognition of the actor, care for the animals gives him a special treat, and during the tour Andrew even misses their Pets.

Another joy for Makarevich — the achievements of his son Ivan. The heir to the famous name of successfully working actor, though star father it is not always possible to evaluate the transformation of the young actor.

“I don’t see everything, because… Sometimes he acted in some episodes. And he forgets. In some series there. The show was held. But the last two films that he did Grisha Constantinople, I saw. I think it’s very worthy,” said Andrew.

Now Makarevich often is at the center of scandals because of his harsh statements and political views. However, according to the artist, it did not affect his work. Actor all also continued to go on tour around the world, frequently meeting with fans.

But for modern popular musicians Andrew doesn’t. In conversation with “KP” he admitted that he once tried to listen to Minutochku, but did not understand a single word of her songs. According to Makarevich, for all time, was written so many great songs and albums that he definitely will have something to do in retirement.