Почему дети Бочкаревой отказались от цветов на первое сентября?
Son and daughter actress teacher gave sweets.

Natalia Bochkareva

Photo: from personal archive of Natalya Bochkareva

If all the students on the first of September I went to school with a beautiful
bouquets of flowers, children Natalie Botchkareva, Maria and Ivan, gave his
the teacher is highly original bouquets: they consisted of candy, chocolate,
coffee and tea.

“Our teacher is suffering
allergic to flowers, every time we try,
on the one hand, to give flowers, and
the other is to make sure that it was not the flowers — said Bochkarev. This time I found a company in which the tea
coffee, handmade chocolate is made in beautiful bouquets. They make roses out of ribbon, out of paper. It’s very original and tasty.”

Mary and John went to the third grade and, according to their mothers, waiting for the first day of school. “Children, of course, missed classmates. Everything was great and festive.
I was worried more than children. They
such a great and happy! — said Bochkarev. So quickly ran the first two years.”