Ольга Картункова высмеяла Ларису Гузееву
In the Comedy “Once in Russia” on channel TNT, she is depicted leading the program “Let’s live together”.

Ekaterina Morgunova, Irina Chesnokova, Olga Bartunkova

Photo: TNT

In the new issue of “Once in Russia” Olga Bartunkova will be a leading show, “Let’s live together”. This is a parody of the well-known transmission, in which
single people find a mate — “let’s get married”, and her leading Larisa Guzeeva.

“I am very well
refer to Larissa consider it a standard of female beauty, grace and harmony —
says Bartunkova. — Parodied her was easy, I think we
similar: equally strong, we have a similar life position. We didn’t want
to offend anyone with this parody, we all remember how Guzeeva was sitting in the jury of KVN and
laughed at our performances. In General it is a very cool woman — not afraid

A lonely girl who is looking for a husband, played in this parody of the actress Karina Zvereva, astrologer became Ekaterina
Morgunova, and an expert on family happiness Irina Chesnokova.