Сыгравший пришельца Альфа актёр находится в коме

Actor Mihaly Meszaros, who played the funny alien alpha in the same series, is in a coma. Doctors say the prognosis is not good.
According to the publication TMZ, citing the words of the Manager of the artist Dennis Varga, Mihai is in a hospital in Los Angeles in critical condition.

Сыгравший пришельца Альфа актёр находится в коме
“Michu was taken to hospital and is now in a coma. The experts ‘forecasts are disappointing” — with bitterness said Dennis. It turns out that the 76-year-old actor not so long ago suffered a stroke, and then his health steadily deteriorated.

Before to get a role in the popular series, the artist has a height of 83 cm, worked in the circus and even got into the Guinness Book of records as the smallest man on the planet.

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