Брат Мадонны отправился к алтарю

Christopher Ciccone, who is also the brother of famous American singer Madonna got married. Elect of it was the Barber ray Tucker. Married lovers just a day after the announcement of the engagement.

That Kristian decided to marry, all found out on the social network Facebook June 9, and on the following day, Ciccone was a shock to all the reports that the wedding took place. As proof, he posted a picture with her husband.

Брат Мадонны отправился к алтарю
Recall that in the U.S. Christopher is known not only as an artist but also as the author of the book “Life with my sister Madonna,” which spoke about the creative and personal life of his sister. Instead of tell, what is it like to be the younger brother of celebrity (only Madonna’s seven brothers and sisters), Ciccone told about a star of his cousin.

Брат Мадонны отправился к алтарю
Christopher was for many years not only the personal assistant of the Madonna, but as a stylist and costume designer, in General, “senior will cudamalloc”, and in the early 90s even directed the world tour of her sister in support of the album “Erotica”. The relationship of the relatives were by the hour is not easier. Madonna repeatedly kicked her brother, but he begged back, agreeing to lower wages. But after he, at her request, purchased a painting for her London residence and she refused to reimburse him for costs thousands, Christopher decided that he had had enough.

After parting with the scandal, brother began to criticize every move of Madonna – her creativity, appearance, and everything she hadn’t said in an interview. By the way, friends, brothers and sisters, sting, demi Moore and Donatella Versace always supported the side of Christopher. They gave him a job, and moral support. “The book of revenge Madonna” as it was called critics, has seen the world in 2008 and still included in 20ку the best biographical books in America.

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