Where to invite your favorite on 14 February

Куда пригласить любимую на 14 февраля Introducing five simple budget ideas original Dating, to Valentine’s Day for sure remembered for a lifetime.

At a height

Want to have lady captured the spirit of emotion? Then call her in the panoramic café at the tower. Incidentally ti, in Moscow, is the highest restaurant in Europe, located on the 85th floor. However, be prepared that the average check at the institution will be a minimum of 4 thousand rubles for two. But what a stunning view of the city at night! And how many photos to Instagram can be done! If there are insufficient funds, then just climb onto the roof and light the sparklers. Also very romantic.

In the Studio

Reserve a Studio and have shot for two, pre-agreed with the photographer. What woman can resist a beautiful pictures? The background can include soft music and mood to buy champagne. Time will spend, and the memory will remain in the form of joint photos. The cost of this event – from 2 thousand rubles per hour.

In the SPA

Sure version! Plus 100 points to karma you provided. Before you call the salon, take the time to look at online: 14 February, many SPA centers provide profitable stocks. You can find packages for two cost from 8 thousand rubles for 2 hours of fun.

In the store

The best gift is the one that chooses. Take the girl to her favorite boutique and presented a certificate to purchase with the words: “Honey, this is for you!”The oohs and aahs of delight assured. And you will not remain without a delicious meal and something this evening.

On stage

The most difficult, but at the same time memorable option. If you try, you will succeed. Invite a girl out on a performance in a theatre or concert band. Pre-agreed with the event Manager and ask them to call you on stage in the middle of the evening. And already from the stage you can: – show your beloved your feelings. Believe me, the day she would even tell to their grandchildren.