Где в Москве посмотреть кино под открытым небом

With the onset of heat in Moscow open summer cinemas. Together with “Antenna” at a session in the Park of arts MUSEON went film series “Snoop” on the First channel Andrey Kazakov.

– In the movies are often. Look and Russian and foreign tapes. As the saying goes, good man does not have a nationality, and that with movies as well. In terms of genre I’m omnivorous, Comedy, and drama to go. Sometimes if I hear someone say: “What a terrible movie!”, specifically, they come and check, just out of interest.

Last time I was in a summer theater as a child in his own yard. Actually this is not new, but well forgotten old idea revived. Today was my first time on such a modern Playground, and this Park came way back in the days when there were artists. Interesting place, would come here with my daughter to come out. Myself one night to watch the movie.

Plus those places that you sort of like come to the movies, but sitting in the fresh air, around the greens, river, nature. Well, that apartment buildings near there, having a good time, rest and not to disturb anyone.

Cinema in MUZEON is open daily, with the schedule available on the Park’s website. Ticket price: from 350 rubles, pensioners – 50 rubles.

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