Стеша Маликова извиняется перед родителями за трудный возраст She occasionally shows the character of the mom and dad. Stesha promises that in two years will be silk. Dmitry Malikov and his wife Elena have told, that I communicate with my daughter on an equal footing, but this is not without pitfalls.

      Стеша Маликова извиняется перед родителями за трудный возраст

      Representatives of one of the most famous in Russia creative dynasties became participants of the popular program of the First channel “on Sundays”. In the Studio by TV presenter Irina Muromtseva came the head of the family, a famous musician Yuri Malikov, his eldest son, also a musician, composer and singer Dmitry Malikov with his wife Elena Izakson and daughter Stephanie, Inna Malikov with his son Dmitry.

      Conversation in the Studio was very soulful and relaxed. For viewers, it was obvious that they face a United and strong family, where everyone with great warmth and respect to each other. Not surprisingly, in went about the principles of upbringing of the younger generation in this famous creative clan. “Children Stesha and Dima – grown with its own established opinion, it is a merit, of course, your parents” – the beginning of the conversation Irina Muromtseva.

      “In our case, it is a merit mother Stasi, Elena, – said Dmitry Malikov. I’m on the road. And I’m kind and too sentimental and mom have wise. Her position is to communicate with Stesha equal, like a friend, like an adult”.

      The parents Stasi Malikova understand that in such communication for adults there is always the risk that the child may begin to abuse that trust. “Not sets whether Stesha on my mother’s head?” asked Irina Muromtseva, “No. On my head she does not sit down, but sit down dad’s neck and legs to hang trying, ” laughed Helen Isakson. – But lasts for five minutes. Sometimes it is something they will bark, and then immediately: “Oh, mom, I was wrong in my opinion.” According to Dmitry Malikov, the mettle of the kids there anyway, like myself with them nor were adults. “And when Stesha shows the character, then be sure to apologizes and says, “Well, wait a couple of years, and I’m generally silk,” continued the mother of Stephanie. Mom Stasi Malikova gives advice to fans of the daughter

      “And we do not see” – with a smile added the words of the spouse of Dmitry Malikov.


      Стеша Маликова извиняется перед родителями за трудный возраст

      She Stesha on the transfer, talking about their parents, spoke of them very warm. From the Pope, according to the girl, she took the kindness and sentimentality, from mom – women’s wisdom. “I don’t know another woman who would possess such a mind and the ability to smooth out a difficult situation,” said Stesha. – And my grandfather – a man with a big heart and very sincere in the first place, my friend.” Words Stephanie was very moved by her parents and eldest member of the family of Yuri Malikov.

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