What was the reaction of the family of Nicholas fire-Waldau on sex scenes in Game of Thrones?

Как отреагировала семья Николая Костера-Вальдау на секс-сцены в Игре Престолов?

Game of Thrones — the show is bloody, shocking and saturated sex scenes. It is for this frankness, many fans love the popular TV series! Nikolaj Coster-Waldau played Jaime Lannister, not once acted in intimate scenes with his on-screen SISTER Cersei (Lena heady). His wife and their children looked…

Как отреагировала семья Николая Костера-Вальдау на секс-сцены в Игре Престолов?

In an interview for the latest issue of the magazine Man About Town Nicholas told how his family reacted to what he saw in the series. “My wife and children were, to put it mildly, not in delight from this scene. I saw that they obviously felt uncomfortable,” says the actor. By the way, Nicholas told reporters that he considered the finale of the eighth season perfect!

Since 1998 is married to the winner of the contest Miss Greenland Nocache, Motzfeldt: together they are raising daughters, Philippa and Safina.

We will remind, the actors who played roles in the series, can’t say anything about the plot or filming. Leading one of the TV show decided to find out from Keith Harington, who played Jon snow. He recalled the filming of the series and said that he feels it perfectly, but he has a disgusting smell of wet fur, because the shooting took place in snowy terrain. Unlike other actors who starred in warm locations, Keith was always cold and not the most pleasant conditions. “The feeling that every year the suit was getting heavier and heavier,” says Keith.

Of course, Stephen Colbert tried to guess the ending of the stories of the whale and somehow coax it out of him, but he did not succeed. Even the actor had many theories before he knew it, but they were all wrong!

Harrington was shocked when I read the end of the season. “I cried our eyes out while reading the last scene,” says Keith.

The end of the season — a Grand event, because the shooting began already in 2010! 9 years Keith has held in a huge family, traveled the world together with colleagues and lived a difficult life of his hero. How the actor will watch the final series he hasn’t decided, but the idea of a theme party in honor of the end he really likes. “I’m looking forward to celebrating the end of the series, because I really want to see their colleagues. Not often we all gather all in one place.”

Says Keith, he’s surprisingly very calm against the end of the series. Equals the end of the funeral. “When something ends, there is an emotional “shift”, but in reality you just want to be around people with whom I worked all this time. This is what we will do to celebrate”.

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