В чем Сальма Хайек появилась на Золотом Глобусе?

В чем Сальма Хайек появилась на Золотом Глобусе?

Salma Hayek appeared on 5 January at the awards ceremony “Golden globe” in two-tone blue and white dress! The actress certainly managed to impress their numerous fans with their irresistible appearance, once again proving that its elegant shape is absolutely timeless!

On Sunday evening, Salma Hayek turned heads of the audience appearing on the red carpet of Golden globe. 53-year-old actress looked radiant in a body-hugging blue and white dress from Gucci. Salma showed their amazing shapes, also stressing its delicious curves. Dress Salma consisted of two parts, the upper part of the dress was deep blue and had a rather deep neckline. In addition to the neckline, dresses up, had another cut that was just under the chest and was decorated with small shiny brooch. To highlight the chest in a dress had a trim of black belts, which separated the chest and waist. The bottom of the dress was a long skirt to the floor and also had a pretty deep cut. The cut ends on the upper thigh of the sultry beauty.
Shoes Salma also deserve special attention. The star was shod with Golden sandals on high platform. Elegant long hair Salma was laid with light beach waves. Makeup star was also perfect. On the lips Salma struck dark pink lipstick, but the eye was applied eyeshadow in the same color scheme. Of jewelry in the movie star was blue dangling earrings, and on his fingers was a pair of gorgeous rings with large diamonds.

В чем Сальма Хайек появилась на Золотом Глобусе?
At the ceremony Golden globe, Salma recalled her appearance at the same event in 2003. When she showed the photo in a gorgeous dress from Narciso Rodriguez, 17 years ago, Salma was the best reaction.
“What I most remember about it is the fact that it was the good old days, when my body was so hot that I just needed something simple,” said Salma. “Those days are over, baby she joked, noting, — I have now to think well before choosing the outfit. I didn’t even have to wear a bra in those days.”
Star Salma is currently shooting the film “Like a boss” where she plays a beauty Mogul Claire of the moon. To get into character and play a cruel female boss, the actress wore red hair, hot clothes and even grey eye contacts. “At first, it was a very straightforward and ambitious business woman — she told InStyle magazine in an interview published December 10. It was fun to work with Miguel and the writers to create a really crazy character.” But she wanted to change your appearance, so I decided to try the injections for the lips. And unfortunately, the result is obtained in the end it disappointed as it wasn’t very good. “First, I wanted to do Botox and enter lips gialuronovu acid, which I never did,” she said. However, because Botox then it would be impossible to cancel, and she had other work responsibilities, fillers was the best option.

“My friend, dermatologist Dr. Maurice dray said,” I don’t know whether you will be happy because it will be very bad.” I said, “Okay, let’s try”. — she recalls. “He injected the first needle into my lips, and I immediately said No! Forget it! I can’t do that!”
And it’s safe to say that it has no plans to make any cosmetic procedure. “My mother has always demonstrated the importance of aging gracefully”, she confessed. “I never saw her or my grandmother was afraid to grow old. So I have this fear”.

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