Какие нововведения будут представлены в организации “Оскара 2020”

Maybe not all know, but 2020 is officially declared the year of the vegans. This movement is quickly and easily picked up the organizers of the world’s biggest prizes. For example, all representatives of the award “Golden globe” said that this year moving to a fully vegan menu. Moreover, during the ceremony all the menus on the tables at celebrities was submitted to vegan. Thus, the dishes were presented: soup of beets, risotto with vegetables and chocolate desserts. To be completely honest, some stars brought to the party fast food, and were able to eat your favorite meat food.

Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences recently announced that the “Oscar 2020” also joins the vegan movement, and this means that the menu at the celebration will be appropriate. Traditionally, the week before the Golden globes nominees are preparing dinner and during the ceremony the tables are dishes made exclusively from products of plant origin.

True for “Oscar 2020” will make a small exception. On the 92nd premium meat and fish products will not. But at the Governor’s Ball, which will be held immediately after the ceremony, the menu will consist of 70% vegetables and 30% meat and fish. But organizers warned that all the products of which will cook meals grown in environmentally friendly conditions.

“In the last decade, the Academy has worked to reduce its carbon footprint in the ecological environment. And for the past seven years, he has become completely zero. We continue to expand our sustainable development plan. Our ultimate goal is to make a completely carbon neutral” — it says so on the official website of the representatives of the “Oscar in 2020.”

By the way, besides the fact that all menu will be vegetable origin, the organizers also refused to use plastic this year. That is on the tables at celebrities won’t stand plastic bottles, all of them are replaced by glass. I sincerely hope that on Oscar night the movie stars were not to be a fast food.

It is worth reminding that the award ceremony will be held on February 9 in Hollywood. To see the award ceremony live will be on channel ABC.

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