Western tabloids reported about the forthcoming wedding of Rihanna

Западные таблоиды сообщают о скорой свадьбе Рианны
Recently the Western tabloids reported that the famous singer Rihanna is going to marry.

Западные таблоиды сообщают о скорой свадьбе Рианны

Despite the fact that until she had received proposals of marriage, but fully sure it will happen any time soon. Therefore, already start planning the celebration.

“Rihanna sure Hassan Jamil is sent to her by fate man. She wants to marry him and bear him children. Rihanna sure he’ll make a great dad. She talks all the time about your favorite. And as the last time, Rihanna is often in London, where Jamil lives, they have the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company,” – says a friend of the performer.

It is worth noting that Rihanna started Dating a billionaire from Saudi Arabia this summer, and recently they appear almost everywhere together.

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