Западные СМИ передают об экстренной госпитализации Антонио Бандераса Correspondents of the European media report that the man was feeling unwell on holiday. At the moment, Antonio Banderas is in the cardiology ward of a Swiss hospital. According to some, the movie stars had a heart attack.

      56-year-old actor Antonio Banderas again made fans pretty worried for himself. Foreign journalists reported that recently, the movie star felt a sharp pain in the chest, after which he was urgently hospitalized. It happened just at the moment when Antonio was on vacation in the Swiss Alps. The company celebrity was his 37-year-old girlfriend Nicole Kenai Peninsula.

      According to European journalists, Banderas suffered a second heart attack since the beginning of the year. In what is now the state actor, is not specified. According to media reports, the actor is undergoing tests in the cardiac Department one of the private clinics. It does not specify whether it is a scheduled inspection or celebrity really was not good.

      Correspondents also report that the star is in Switzerland for about a week. At first nothing foretold troubles: Antonio and his fiancee are having a wonderful time enjoying the local sights and taking pictures on the background of picturesque landscapes. Banderas even posted a selfie that he does very rarely. “A beautiful day in Lausanne!” – with these words, the man signed the joint with the beloved.

      Recall that in late January of this year, Antonio Banderas has not calculated their strength in the gym. Journalists reported that the man became ill during a workout. After a series of intensive exercises, the movie star felt a sharp pain in his chest. This happened in the UK, where the actor moved to study at the prestigious London Central Saint Martins College.

      Then, Antonio was urgently hospitalized in one of the local hospitals. Doctors testified that the movie star had a heart attack. Within the walls of medical institutions Banderas provide the necessary assistance. After the status of the artist was normalized, he was discharged from the clinic.

      Later, the actor admitted that his health deteriorated after the shooting in the film “the 33,” directed by Patricia of Riggan. The film, based on real events, tells the story of the Chilean miners, by chance, trapped under the ground. “We were filming in the mine, in which stood out the methane. It left a metallic taste in your mouth for a few days,” Banderas told reporters.