He died a billionaire is David Rockefeller Sr.

Скончался миллиардер Дэвид Рокфеллер-старший In the United States died a famous banker and head of one of the most influential families in the world. David Rockefeller-Scarecrow died in her sleep. According to some, he suffered seven heart transplants. Two years ago the man joked that he intends to live up to 200 years.

      Скончался миллиардер Дэвид Рокфеллер-старший

      Western journalists reported that on 102-m to year of life has died the banker and philanthropist David Rockefeller Sr. The death of one of the world’s oldest billionaires media representatives confirmed a spokesman for an influential family.

      According to correspondents, an elderly man died at the family estate of Pocantico hills in upstate new York. It happened on Monday morning. Journalists reported that the businessman died in his sleep before his birthday a few months.

      David Rockefeller, Sr. born June 12, 1915 in new York. Future businessman received an excellent education: after the young man graduated from Harvard University, he enrolled in the London school of Economics and political science.

      In 1940, Rockefeller defended his doctorate in Chicago. Thesis future icon of the business community were called “Unused resources and economic losses”. Their success in mastering the granite of science David was assessed as “moderate”. The main career of the Rockefeller Foundation steel connection from years of study in leading universities of the world.

      Then the man worked some years for the benefit of the state. When the Second world war, he was stationed in Africa and France, working on exploration. In 1945, Rockefeller rose to the rank of captain. After the largest armed conflict in world history ended, David began service in the family business projects.

      In 1946, Rockefeller began a long career at Chase National Bank. Despite the fact that the Bank was headed by his uncle Winthrop Aldrich, the man had to go through all the steps of the career ladder. After a few years of hard work David appointed the first Vice-President of the credit institution.

      It was under the leadership of the Rockefeller Foundation was one of the largest banks in the United States, which was formed through the merger of several organizations. Chase Manhatten Bank starts its activities in 1955. After 14 years, David is becoming its CEO. Being the head is known across America and far beyond its borders as a credit institution, Rockefeller is constantly met with world leaders, including Nikita Khrushchev, Fidel Castro, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Anwar Sadat, Zhou Enlai and Mikhail Gorbachev.

      “Looking back, I see that life would not want any other career. Work in the Bank gave me the opportunity to meet with the leaders of our world in the field of public administration, Finance and business, and to maintain contact with many of them for four decades no other conceivable position in any field wouldn’t give me this,” wrote Rockefeller in his book “the bankers Club”.

      As for the personal life of the billionaire, he was married to Margaret McGrath, daughter of the partner of a famous law firm on wall street. The couple had six children.