Western media reported about a new novel by Jennifer Lopez

Западные СМИ сообщают о новом романе Дженнифер Лопес

Last month Jennifer Lopez put an end to the relationship, which lasted several years. The singer broke up with dancer Casper SmarTeam. The last straw for Lopez was denied to Casper to escort her to a charity event Ron Perlman.

The party in the company of the beloved Smart chose to fight Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz, which took place in Las Vegas.

Upon arrival, Casper heard from the beloved that she is now his ex, and that he can go back the way you came.

Those close to the couple were confident that this is another disagreement will be completed early conciliation (after all, Lopez and Smart have broken up many times, but then got back together again). However, it seems that Jennifer is tired of the childish behavior of her companion, so she decided to find a more decent and serious man.

They, according to several tabloids, was a former boyfriend of Taylor swift. No, not Tom Hiddleston…the one that was before him. Calvin Harris is the new girlfriend of Lopez.

Artists have often been seen together in restaurants, and it is suspected that their relationship was not a friendly.

How to remind columnists, back in July on the occasion of his birthday Jennifer enthusiastically took pictures with the young artist. And it is possible that between them have chemistry.

The artists themselves prefer not to comment on the rumors.

We think that with Harris, Lopez looks more harmonious. What about you?