Ну и ну! Шнуров заменил Алису Вокс девушками из караоке

The leader “Leningrad” has commented on leaving the band and former singer presented his new girlfriends – Blondie brunette Vasilisa and Florida.

Sergey Shnurov has never suffered from excess modesty. And today, when the departure from the band Alisa VOX information has caused a real storm, the Cord was clear, and exact description of the situation. Musician directly said that makes average girls “quite a star”. But if they start a lot about themselves to think they have to be expelled from the group.

By the way, on this version, not the unauthorized withdrawal of Alice from “Leningrad”, say the musicians of the most popular Russian group.

“I have promised nothing. On a whim made from medium girls quite a stars. Think of the way the material promote. Decide how to to their loved. Well, not exactly them, the way, of course. The efforts of our team we create a character of myth out of nothing. It’s our job, wrote the Cord on his page in Instagram. And because of the fact that well we do our job occur, claims. Audiences love the way we made and really don’t want to end. But it is inevitable. Invented by me and made by the staff of the Heroine of the myth pretty quickly and naively starting to believe in their divine nature. And Goddesses we do not know how. We’re fired pots”.

Incidentally revealed the names of the new “five minutes of stars”, which yesterday took the stage together with Sergei Shnurov. So, the name is Vasilisa Starshova blonde and brunette – Florida Chanturia. Both girls are from St. Petersburg.

Of the girl known that she studied at the vocal Department of the St. Petersburg musical College n. a. N. Rimsky-Korsakov, but he left without receiving a diploma. Vasilisa then moved to Moscow and became a little-known group of “Flash mob”. However, in 2013, Vasilisa Starshova became a semifinalist of the contest “New Wave”.

The second finding Shnurov – Florida Chanturia graduated from the faculty of music art pop-St. Petersburg Institute of culture. After that Florida at one time sang in the St. Petersburg restaurant “Gelsomino café”, famous for its karaoke parties.

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