Анастасия Волочкова ждет мужчину из сна Ballerina is sure that soon will meet someone who it will make happy. It has been several times Anastasia had a dream in which he was the man of her dreams. The star is looking forward to when it becomes reality.

      Анастасия Волочкова ждет мужчину из сна

      Famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has never hidden that, like any woman, wants to family warmth and comfort. However, due to the heavy workload at work, endless rehearsals, performances in the theatre, charity concerts – can not afford to at least temporarily take a breath and look around. Maybe that’s why Volochkova still not met the man, with which it would have gone down the aisle and really wanted to associate with him all his life. Whatever it was, Anastasia never loses faith in the fact that the long-awaited meeting with the elect, who will be able to make her happy, will still take place. The star of the Russian ballet there is also talk of her dreams.

      “I’m sure my man destined to me by fate. Just before we met. But it’s still. Although, you know, lately I have several times dream the same dream, – says Anastasia. – I played a show and at the final bow to see the middle aisle is a luxury a man with a huge bunch of white roses. He comes up to me and said: “Nastia, you are my destiny!” This dream for the last three months was repeated five or six times”.

      Interestingly, the ballerina has already memorized every word from time to time in his sleep her lover. Volochkova was noted that most certainly knows it, if he is in its field of view. In addition, Anastasia is sure: it will take place very soon.

      “I already remember by heart, so you can in great detail to describe the man, – said the ballerina in an interview with the magazine “Only star”. – I think I already fell in love. Friends say that this dream is not accidental. If it is repeated several times, so prophetic. Therefore, I sincerely believe that the theater will help me meet my destiny.”

      The dancer does not exclude that when you find your soulmate, will again become a mother. By the way, Volochkova is quite often admitted that he dreams of a big family, which will grow to several children. While the ballerina brings up only one daughter Ariadne. The girl grows very creative and already participates in projects of his famous mother. So, for example, Ariadne Volochkova has starred in the music video of her. In addition, the successor artist regularly makes in a country house the whole fashion shows and even concerts, where everyone demonstrates their talents.

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