Wedding Japanese Princess with a classmate postponed by two years

Свадьба японской принцессы с однокурсником перенесена на два года

The eldest granddaughter of current Emperor Akihito of Japan, Mako was ready to abandon the title of Princess, playing a wedding with a favorite in November 2018. It became known that Mako and her fiancé, a former classmate Kay Komuro postponed the wedding for two years.

As reported by the Management of the Affairs of the Imperial court, it is associated with is scheduled for 2019, the ceremony of transfer of the throne from Akihito, his eldest son, Naruhito. “Our future wedding and related activities will be rescheduled and will be held in two years in connection with several important family events and the need to prepare for them. It would be appropriate,” said in a joint statement Princess Mako and Komuro.

A couple notes that not understand about full maturity for the adoption of such important vows and decisions. Mako and Kay also noted that this time will be a good opportunity for them to relax before starting a new life. “We decided that postponing the wedding would be a good opportunity to get the time before starting a new life. In our immaturity. We want to think about it and prepare for marriage and the life that awaits us after.”says the statement. The ceremony of the abdication of the Emperor is scheduled for April 30, 2019. From the first of may of the same year the new Emperor will be his eldest son — crown Prince of Naruhito.

If after two years the couple does decide to tie the knot, then the Princess will have to give up the status of member of the Imperial family, because her fiance is a commoner