Cвадебное платье Пелагеи стоило почти миллион рублей

Mentor of the talent show “the Voice” Pelagia showed what spending able to the girl if married unbearable.

A couple of weeks ago, the singer got married to 24-year-old hockey player of CSKA Ivan Telegin.

The novel pairs were developed rather rapidly, because such a quick wedding was the logical extension of it.

The preparation for the celebration took place not only in secrecy, but in a terrible rush.

For example, for tailoring wedding dresses Pelagia allocated only a month, despite the fact that usually the bride’s attire manufactured a few months, or even six months.

By the way, for rush orders wringing had to pay a tidy sum.

“Dresses of the first line of this brand (brand Galia Lahav) are sewn 4-5 months”, – said in a closed Bridal boutique on Pokrovka. But Pelagia came for a month and took advantage of a quick tailoring – plus 20% to the cost, writes Starhit. Racked up the amount of 13 thousand dollars that in recalculation on roubles (at that course). almost 800 thousand.

For the wedding party was fully leased to one of the best restaurants of Moscow. The interior on this occasion, redid the hallway with fresh flowers. By the way, the ceremony was not a single guest artist. The only one who was taken that day behind the microphone was the bride herself Pelagia.

To continue to celebrate the wedding, just the two of us, lovers plan in Greece. In the land of olives and wine they will go this week.

That week in a row fans of the actress wondering – what has triggered such an offer?

The most probable assumption is the interesting position of the singer, which is that she carefully hides.

We will remind, earlier married Pelagia was already. First husband of the actress was the former Director Comedy Woman Dmitry Efimovich.

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