Sharon stone spotted with stranger in the salon

Шерон Стоун замечена с незнакомцем в салоне красоты

Paparazzi literally stalking Hollywood actress Sharon stone on the heels, and sometimes they manage to capture it in an interesting place with interesting people. Recently 58-year-old celebrity caught from a beauty salon in Beverly hills. As it turned out, she went for a pedicure. It would seem that nothing strange in this, but it was accompanied by a man.

Шерон Стоун замечена с незнакомцем в салоне красоты 

Boyfriend Sharon waited patiently in the stone, sometimes approached her, and entertained all sorts of jokes, she laughed heartily. After the procedure, the actress and her Beau departed in an unknown direction in an embrace. Both were in good spirits and did not try to hide from the paparazzi.

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