Пользователи Сети пытаются вычислить личность Мистера Икс из «Битвы экстрасенсов» The creators of the show have prepared many surprises. In the 17th season of the TV show, which starts on 3 September, a man in a mask. Along with the other psychics he passes the first test, during which you will need to find the car in the trunk which hid the man. Internet users are speculating about who it is.

      The creators of the project “Battle of psychics” on channel TNT is ready to please the audience with the new season. The seventeenth part of a TV show will air this Saturday, 3 September at 20: 00. On the audition program came various wizards, witches, and psychics from different cities and even countries. However, the producers decided not to reveal the identity of all the participants of the new season.

      The show will appear Mr. X – a man whose face is covered by a Golden mask with slits for eyes, mouth and nose, and clothing were replaced by a long black robe with a hood, which does not allow even to understand the photos, who is behind the mysterious person: a man or a woman. Social media users began to speculate even during the filming of the project.

      “I think it’s a woman, slightly tall, has a baby, Man with dark, curly hair”, “There’s a man, has a beard, hair graying”, “There’s a man, a doctor or connected with blood, a lot of these long laces from his body stretch,” “And suddenly Sheps? It also a high, Female shoes on a high platform, some with green eyes and brown hair”, “Nastasya Samburski”, “Julie Wang,” suggested followers your account in Instagram.

      However, producers and program Directors still do not disclose this mystery. “StarHit” became known some details about the new season of “the battle of psychics”. In the contest of clairvoyants and magicians will take part 36-the summer businessman from USA Michael Resnick, a hereditary healer Jeanne Kostrova, which is a gift inherited from her famous grandmother, a psychic Boris Yeltsin – Avdotya Smirnova, which is known as Elena Davydova.

      According to some, in the seventeenth battle, unable to meet again Marilyn Kerro and Sergey Pahomov. This in the final sixteenth of the season, said the chosen witches Alexander Sheps. “Wait for Marilyn next season to compete with Pahom,” he then shouted to the crowd beloved of kerro. Marilyn has twice participated in the project. In the 14th season of the famous TV show she didn’t beat the other participants. Last season the witch again competed with the strongest psychics and was in the top three, however, victory went to the Victoria Raydos.